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About WOS

Women of Standard was established in 2011 by Carla R. Cannon who simply had a vision to inspire women who were experiencing tough times. What started as inspirational text was later developed into a newsletter which evolved into a magazine. For over three years Women of Standard Magazine featured prominent and emerging leaders from the pulpit to the marketplace such as Sarah Jakes Roberts, Tasha Cobbs, Yolanda Adams, Kierra Sheard, Valorie Burton, Christina Glenn Weeks, Real Talk Kim, Dr. Traci Lynn and more!

Through monthly inspiration within the pages of this publication, Carla later decided to host an event entitled: Breaking Free hosted by Women of Standard. This conference was geared toward equipping, building and strengthening everyday women on how to excel both personally and spiritually through the Word of God.

As Carla began to grow and develop her passion for business grew as she launched Carla R. Cannon Enterprises in which she began to write her own books as well as teach others how to do the same. She went on to create training programs that taught women how to B.O.S.S. Up in both life and business. Although her personal brand had taken off and she made a tough decision to end the magazine, Carla always knew the vision was too big to die. Women of Standard Network was then birthed where Carla’s new mission was to help women get unlocked, unleashed and activated into purpose from the pulpit to the marketplace.

Women of Standard was birthed in Greenville, NC where Carla alongside a small group of volunteers hosted monthly events entitled, the Women of Standard Experience where she would extend her platform to local entrepreneurs in the community to share their gift with attendees of up to 50 women.

Due to dedication, resilience and commitment, Women of Standard now reaches thousands of women throughout the U.S. and beyond. The Women of Standard Experience is now hosted in Charlotte, NC on an annual basis.

“My only dream was to make Jesus famous,” Carla says, “In the midst of putting Him first, He gave me a platform. I am honored to have Him trust me with it!”

When you see Women of Standard today, know that it was not developed overnight but there were many dark and hard nights (and days) when Carla didn’t know how it would all come together but she knew she could not quit. In the midst of disappointments including losing close friends, her determination is a great example of what it looks like to remain focused and resilient on the promises of God concerning your life!

Women of Standard embodies what it means to be a “sister” FOR REAL!

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