You can be young, gifted, saved, AND happy!  There is NO such thing as “I’m too young” because of the numerous examples in the Bible of leaders who started their journey at an early age.  One of the youngest is Joash, who was crowned king over Israel at the age of seven years old. (2 Chronicles 24:1) When you were born, you already had a special gift placed on the inside of you by God Himself.  There’s no timing on when exactly to work your gift.  In my experiences, the earlier the better and the stronger your gift will become.  Fact: Every gift has to be worked, monitored, and covered!  It has to be worked because things just don’t happen; we can’t expect things to just drop in our laps.  Just like education, if we don’t get up, go to school, apply ourselves, and LEARN, then we can’t expect good things to happen.  This requires work and MUCH sacrifice. Your gift must be monitored because it can EASILY be contaminated.   The devil will plant things and people that will try to poison your mind with all kinds of nonsense.  This contamination can come in different shapes, forms, and fashions. So, BEWARE!  Cover your gift because Satan doesn’t want to see your gift come to fruition!  The devil’s purpose is to steal, kill and destroy that which is good and blessed by God.  Being young, you have a powerful impact and influence that can change lives forever.  That’s why it’s crucial to be covered by the Word of God, and those whom God has placed over you to bring out the best in you.


With being young, gifted, saved and happy, there has to be balance.  My parents taught me and my siblings that God blessed us with twenty four hours in a day.  That is plenty of time to work everything you’ve been given, such as school, friends, your relationship with God, family, visions and even yourself!  NOTHING has to be lacking in either area.  The problem comes when we give too much time to one area and the others suffer from lack of attention. There MUST be a balance to live young, saved, and happy.

The devil will try to make us, as young people feel as if living saved is boring.  Remember, it is his job to paint a false picture because he’s a liar. He is incapable of telling the truth!  You can still hang out, but with positive people.  A lot of young people have lost their lives very early, because Satan painted a false picture that made them think and believe they had all the time in the world.  Don’t be manipulated by Satan’s tricks.  Young people, I plead with you today to please DO NOT put off today for tomorrow!  Live this time that God has given you: Young, Gifted, Saved, and Happy!!


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