Photo Courtesy of TV NewserBeautiful, ambitious, and bold, are just a few words that would describe the 5ft.10in, Robin Rene Roberts. She was born in Pass Christian, Mississippi, on November 23rd 1960, and was the youngest of four siblings. Her father was a Tuskegee Airman pilot.

While growing up, Ms. Roberts enjoyed sports. She earned the title of being a top athlete, and setting records at playing basketball while attending Southeastern Louisiana, University.  Robin’s older sister, Sally Ann Roberts, ventured out and became a local news anchor, in which eventually, Robin decided to follow in her footsteps.  Robin later graduated from Southeastern Louisiana University, with a journalism scholarship and a degree in communication.
Robin utilized her talent in journalism, and landed a position as a sports reporter, for a local television station in Mississippi. Months later, her career started to leap and Robin eventually, was hired by ESPN to host the networks news program.  Periodically, she would make guest appearances on the Good Morning America show, a sister station to ESPN, as a reporter. After being a faithful contributor to both ESPN and Good Morning America, ABC hired Robin to be a fulltime co-anchor, of the morning news program.
In 2007 Robin, was diagnosed with breast cancer. She went public with the news, to encourage other women facing the disease. She wanted to encourage women that cancer didn’t have to be a death sentence. She went bare before the world, revealing her hair loss, and keeping her motivation high.

In 2012, Robin was faced with yet another serious battle, and had to take a medical leave of absence from Good Morning America. She had developed a rare blood disorder, and needed a bone marrow transplant. Sally Ann Roberts, Robin’s older sister and motivator for her journalistic career, was Robin’s donor.  

After months of recouping from surgery, Robin returned to work.  She went bare before the world again, revealing her hair loss, and giving words of encouragement to women. Robin Roberts, has had a graceful and fortunate road to recovery, by the grace of our Lord and Savior. For it is He, who has mercy and love that we are indebted to. He gave His life, so that we may have everlasting life. 
In recent days, Ms. Roberts, announced acknowledgements towards her family for supporting her during her illness and her career, as well as mentioning a girlfriend of ten years. The girlfriend was defined as being Robin’s partner.

As soon as Robin’s announcement was made, the news traveled like wild fire. Certain celebrities praised her for “coming out” and they stated that they were proud of her. They praised her for being courageous for identifying her sexual preference. This is vital to our younger generation, because Robin Roberts has become a household name for several years and so many people admire her. She has been an inspiration to women of all ages, colors and creed.

In today's times, our generation is being hoaxed into believing that it’s acceptable to redefine the bible to suit their lifestyles, but that’s not acceptable in Gods eyes. We have to live by God’s word, and help to get as many souls as we can to the Lord. To get into the Kingdom of Heaven, there are rules from our creator, that we must follow, obey. It’s clearly written in the Holy Bible, what’s expected of us.

As we celebrate God’s mercy upon Robins healing process; we as Christians must also declare and celebrate God's desire for holiness. Christ’s word declares that we live the lifestyle He desires for us. Robin has often acknowledged, God and how He has brought her through her trials. She has also mentioned how she came from a religious background. In light of the fact that the bible indicates God made a woman, for a man.  Leviticus 18:22 “Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination." Definitively God loves us all, but He does take a stance on homosexuality. It is a sin, in His eyes.  Leviticus 20:13 “If a man practices homosexuality, having sex with another man as with a woman, both men have committed a detestable act.”

So how do you feel about Robin Roberts coming out of the closet?

We’d like to hear from parents, of teenage girls as well. Are you concerned that more and more of our teenage girls are finding that they are attracted to other teenage girls?  Do you think this is becoming a part of peer pressure in our schools, the media, etc.? Let's discuss.

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