For many years, the tradition has been for the moms to stay home with the children, while dads go out into the work force. As time changes, traditions change. More and more dads are considering being staying at home dads. According to a preliminary report in August 2012, back in the 1970’s if dad stayed home that usually meant they were disabled or unemployed. According to the United States Census Bureau, 32% of fathers cared for their children at least one day a week in 2010.

Married couples have weighed their options as to either pay skyrocketing costs for childcare outside the home or stay at home and take care of their own children. In lieu of some fathers admitting that raising children could sometimes be a difficult task, they opted from working outside the home. Some fathers have said that they enjoy the time spent with their children and embrace the memories.

In a recent post via social media, thirty nine year old Doyin Richards has been targeted, because of his decision to stay at home with his Stay at home-dadtwo daughters. He posted a picture of himself brushing his six year old daughter’s hair, as his younger daughter sat in a sling carry- on, hugged against him.  Doyin took a paternity leave of absence from work, as a learning development to care for his daughters.

Apparently the idea came into fruition when, Doyin’s wife was running late for work one morning. Doyin offered to help his wife by showing her he could multi task.  He offered to brush his older daughter’s hair while keeping the baby girl content in a sling carry-on.  His wife didn’t believe that he would be able to multi task with their girls. So Doyin set up his camera to take a picture of him while doing his tasks with the girls, to prove to his wife, it could be done.

The picture of Doyin and his daughters has gone viral. There has been scrutiny, criticism and praise for his actions. Facebook and twitter, have blown up with comments about Doyin. One comment stated that the girls in the picture did not look like him and that he probably was not their father.  Another comment stated “Ok buddy, cute picture. Now why don’t you hand the children back to their mom so you can go back to selling drugs or your bootleg rap CD’s.” Doyin stated he is immune to hate mail. He just refers to the negative remarks as “haters”.   One person commented by calling Doyin awesome for caring for his daughters.

Doyin stated that his role as a father is no different than the mother’s role.  He also stated that the media does not portray fathers as good caregivers, and  African American fathers are stereotypically labeled as deadbeats. Doyin just wanted to prove that while mothers are acknowledged for being good child caregivers, fathers should be too.

How do you feel about Doyins decision to be the caregiver to his daughters? What’s your opinion about the negative comments?

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