It’s very important to make time for each other in a marriage.  The time should be relaxed, fun and stress free; a time where the two of you can be yourselves and enjoy each other’s company, simply free from the pressures of life. If you haven’t already, it’s time to institute a date night or a night of romance.  You can start with once a month, and then move up to two or more.  Here are some simple ideas to spark the romance and practices we have made a part of our relationship and hope that they are a blessing in yours!


First, if you have children, get a babysitter you trust so there will be no distractions.

Take a bubble bath together.  Light candles while soft music plays in the background and have the towels, fresh fruit, and massage oil ready.  Bathe each other, massage each other and “play with the bubbles.”  Use your imagination; you are married!


Secondly, both of you should take a day or two off from work.  Drop the kids off at daycare or school like you normally do, and then start the courtship.  Take a drive to the next town; sometimes driving through an unfamiliar area can be fun.  Look for a great restaurant to enjoy casual conversation over a delicious dish you’ve never eaten before.  Then take a short walk while holding hands as you window shop or stroll through some eclectic stores; looking for sentimental things that have meaning to both of you.  Next, catch a midday movie; something silly with lots of laughter or with a romantic twist.  While watching the movie, make sure you raise the arm rest, so there is no barrier between you.  Sit very close together to cuddle and hold each other through the movie.  You know, how you did back in your teenage years?


Husbands, buy your wife some flowers.  You do not have to wait until it is her birthday or your anniversary.  Most women would love to have flowers and/or candy not just on Valentine’s Day.  For the wives who have the workaholic husbands, plan a fun evening and just don’t take “No” for an answer.  Take him to a restaurant where you know he’ll enjoy the food.  If he’s a sports fanatic, make sure the game is playing and a TV is in his view.  Better yet, take him to an actual game, and get there early to tailgate.  Speaking from experience, he will have the time of his life.


Now here are the rules.  Do NOT discuss issues while on your date.  Date time is strictly about enjoying your mate and having fun.  Your marital issues are OFF LIMITS!  No talking about work, money, or bills; all conversation must be positive, uplifting and edifying.  You will find that spending this quality time with your mate will take your relationship to a whole new level, so please start today!


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