The word pimp when used as a transitive verb and defined by Webster’s Dictionary, means to make use of often dishonorably for one’s own gain or benefit. The first time I came across the term “pulpit pimps” I was surfing the web looking at some very well-known preachers. I found a particular website and the moderator was attacking a lot of preachers in the Kingdom. Being a curious person, I began to read the information to see what he was talking about. The more I read the information, the more I began to realize that at one point or another, we all have encountered a pulpit pimp. I have been in my share of services and I still do not understand why the preacher always asks for people who are giving a certain amount to stand in line. Why is there a $10 line, a $20 line and a $50 line? Does it mean that God will not bless me if I can only give $5 for that night? The problem the church is seems to be facing now is that it is being run like a business and not a place of worship.

I understand that we are supposed to bless the man or woman of God for their labor and coming to minister to us. But what gives us the right to put a price on a Word that we did not live or die for? A lot of preachers have forgotten where they have come from. Some are under the notion that they have arrived and that they are the only ones who are anointed. It bothers me when preachers try to put a price tag on the Word of God. It is time for preachers to get back to a place when all they wanted to do was preach. It did not matter if we received $20 or $200; we were just grateful to stand and declare the Word of Lord.  Now some of us have to have a certain water, or a certain snack awaiting our arrival. Baby, this is not about you! We are still vessels and it is an honor and a privilege that God even chose people like us to proclaim His Word.

Some of us need to realize that this is not a game. We are responsible for winning souls; not seeing how much money we can bring in for the offering.  Remember, you cannot charge for something that was never yours in the first place.  Apostle Paul said, “Preaching is not something that I brag about; I do it because I have to. How terrible it would be for me if I did not preach the gospel.” So I ask you this.  Are you living to preach or preaching so you and others can LIVE?


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