Well, it is 2013!   We have survived yet another year.  Hopefully, 2013 won’t be another year where you said you were going to change this, stop that, or do this.  Sometimes when we continue to go to the wrong places or be in the wrong company we can have a Jonah experience.  I am sure many are familiar with Jonah in the belly of the whale.   This story of Jonah’s great experience has been embedded into our memory since the days of Sunday school.  Jonah decided to get on a ship with brethren and doing so caused utter chaos.  The winds and waves began to blow and Jonah was identified as the culprit.  I can hear the shipmates uttering and whispering “we weren’t having these problems until he arrived”.  Jonah was out of line and therefore chaos was created.  Let not 2013 be another year when you are not in your right position.

Haven’t you had enough turbulence because of your hard head? Sometimes there is tragedy and chaos in your life simply due to disobedience.  Jonah got on the boat and should not have.  Song writer eloquently says, “Trust and obey for there is no other way but to trust and obey!”  Your destiny is not connected to certain people and if you stay connected to them as Jonah attempted to, all hell indeed may break loose. God will not force you to do anything but situations can become so tempestuous that you desire to “straighten up and fly right.”  Jonah was thrown overboard because he was out of line.  Aren’t you tired of being in Jonah experiences?

Jonah was thrown overboard which was rough.  However, it did not stop there.  The Bible declares a whale sucked Jonah up into the cavities of the whale’s stomach.  Have you ever been in one harsh situation then turned right around into another one?  I am sure you can relate to Jonah then.  God has a way of allowing you to get so low, to become so broken, and experience pain that you seek him out for relief.  What things are you still tossing around that won’t allow you to move?  I am sure Jonah saw many unseemly things that the whale was digesting. Are you still digesting the pain of your abuse, your molestation, your divorce, your miscarriage, or your lost hope?  I encourage you to not spend another year in your whale experiences.

After all the shaken up Jonah experienced, the whale did spit him out.  It is 2013; therefore, make this year really new for you.  Jonah, like most people I know, experiences pain.  But let pain be your motivator. Pain can:

  • P-  Prune you
  • A-  Affirm you
  • I-   Inspire you
  • N-  Nudge you

How about this year you fall in line and don’t be thrown overboard?  No matter, just trust in the Father. Why, because God created the whale! Isn’t that good news?!

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