It seems that in society today there is a fine line between reality and misconception; or what we know to be true compared to what we think is true. For example, it is suggested [by women] that men like their women thick. The likes of Beyoncé, Alicia Keys, Lisa Raye, Bria Myles, Ester Baxter or Rosa Acosta are indeed a sight for sore eyes and their body proportions, will have a man sadly mistaken for an owl in the way he twists his neck and widens his eyes. However, the truth is that this is just a variant and men generally have a much wider scope on what they like in a woman. Another common misconception about men resonates from his appearance, which is often related to his identity.


As men we are often identified by our dress, the articulation of our words, our mannerisms and so forth. Understanding this measure of judgment, one would assume we would consider all things carefully about ourselves from day to day but unfortunately many of us undoubtedly fall short. Our identity is often overshadowed by our conduct, leaving many to wonder exactly who we are.


Imagine that you just ordered a porterhouse steak at a fine steakhouse. With it, you instruct the waiter to top it off with sautéed mushrooms and onions with a side of crispy potatoes. Your mouth begins to salivate at the thought of taking your first bite as you wait patiently for your order to arrive. Suddenly the waiter approaches your table with a delectable steak covered with your requested toppings, but instead of it resting on a plate, it is presented to you on a garbage can lid! Not too appetizing is it? This is how some of us are presenting ourselves to the world, on a garbage can lid!


In the walk of a man, presentation is everything and I do mean everything! Much like the green garnish on an elegant dinner course plate or an elaborate pattern of chocolate glaze on a dessert dish, it is the presentation that draws a person’s interest and drives their opinion of serious or absurd, friend or foe, loyal or unfaithful. I am not just referring to your outer appearance: your clothes, shoes, groom or anything of a physical stance. What I am alluding to is the notion of operating in the person you already are. A prestigious law firm partner is not apt to arrive to work in Levi jeans and a t-shirt communicating to his constituents in the urban dialect of “Yo, what’s crackin?” Likewise it would not be suitable for an accomplished author to publish a book that contains the literary comprehension (or grammatical errors) of a third grader. It starts with knowing who you are. Identify your weaknesses and solidify your strengths. Once the inner you becomes synonymous with the outer you, it is then you can begin to walk with approval and self-validation.

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