In today’s “man-cession,” it appears that more men are in pursuance of possessions and awards to satisfy their inner need for contentment.  The pats on the back, good jobs, at-a-boys, or you’re the best honey have become fallacies in our satisfaction compensation plan.  Everything around us seems to be falling apart before our eyes, including our relationships, our marriages, our finances, our career, and even our relationship with God.  As bleak as our surroundings appear, the heart of the matter lies in the lack to find an identifiable explanation for any of it.

The missing link between our contentment and lack thereof is learning how to be satisfied in lean times and in times of abundance.  Life is comparable to a mountain range.  You will have seasons where you find yourself on the peak of the mountain.  But as you look across to the next peak, you will notice that to get there, you have to travel downhill through the valley beneath you, and then climb back up the ensuing peak.  This approach is known as the highs and lows of life. You know, that thing your mom and dad kept warning you about when you were growing up!

Feelings of dissatisfaction are not always as bad as they seem.  It can actually be a great opportunity for change, but only if you succeed in channeling the feelings correctly. The resultant can mean major changes in your life that not only will make you satisfied, but also happy.  To give you a better perspective, imagine that you touch a very hot object.  Your nervous system will immediately invoke a reflex action that will remove your hand from the source of heat.  This is because the current temperature it felt did not satisfy your nervous system; therefore, it channeled this dissatisfaction correctly and moved your hand away.

Philippians 4:12 presents us with great insight on how to channel this energy properly to achieve positive results in our lives.  Challenge yourselves to spend more time moving toward the things you enjoy versus moving away from the bad events in your life.  The dissatisfaction you are experiencing in any area of your life, or your life entirely, has now allowed you to have a tremendous amount of energy and motivation. All you have to do now is direct it properly!

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