“Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health, even as thy soul prospereth.” ~ 3 John 1:2

The first use of the word “Health” scripturally is found in Genesis 43:28 and is defined as:  completeness, soundness, welfare and peace.

My goal in this column is to provide you with information that will lead you to optimal health and fitness and provide you immediate useful information that you can activate in your life and begin to live your best life now.  As a P90X certified instructor, I will introduce to you exercises from P90X that will strengthen your body and provide you functional fitness applicable to you in your daily lives.

The Squat X Press is an exercise move from the P90X workout titled Core Synergistics.  This exercise routine focuses on strengthening the muscles of your lumbar spine (lower back) and trunk (mid section) by recruiting multiple muscle groups of your core (stabilizing muscles of your whole mid-section).  Strengthening this area of your body promotes better balance and prevents injury from everyday activities that require you to bend, reach, lunge and twist.

Squat X Press can be done with no weight or as you progress in core strength, resistance can be added to build additional strength and produce more of a workout.

Start with feet wider than shoulder width and your toes pointing out (as if in a V angle), begin to squat with the chest and head up.  As you stand up, raise your hands overhead into a wide shoulder press positioning your body in the form of an X.  Do as many of these as you’d like with good form.  You will feel the muscles of your thighs and hamstrings as you squat down and extend your legs back to neutral position, the muscles of your back and abdominals as you raise the weight midway to your chest, and the muscles of your shoulders as you press your body into the form of an X.

Keep in mind that a good sound nutrition plan is the fuel for your body to perform any exercise routine and is essential for your body to fight illness and fatigue.  Your body must take in the proper amounts of nutrients and fluids to transfer into energy for your busy life and for your workout.  Add in proper rest to promote regeneration and repair of muscle tissue and you’ll have a complete and comprehensive plan to transform your body and maintain optimal health.

We have been given one body…it is up to us to maintain it for the use and glory of God.

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