Exclusive Interview with Gospel Artist, Uncle Reece
by: Vanessia Morgan

Hello! We are so pleased to have you as our first artist spotlight for our new column!

Uncle Reece: What? That’s cool. I’m happy about that!

So, what was life like growing up in your hometown of Jacksonville, FL?

My father was in the military so moving here was a culture shock. Military bases and civilian life are different; bases did not have hoods. At age 12, I saw someone get jumped for the first time. I was thinking he doesn’t have a fair chance because there were too many people but then I was told that was the point. I learned very fast what it meant to be on the winning team. The crazy part about it is I never thought I would be a part of that stuff. But, when you are somewhere so long you assimilate to the culture. After about two years, I was doing the same stuff and hanging with the wrong people. By age 19, I was deep in foolish things, but at 20, I found God and found out He was truly real! That is when my eyes opened and things began to change. 

Where did the name Uncle Reece originate?

Growing up I would try to be like my granddad. When you are 15-16 years old and your hero is 60 years old, you start to act and talk like him. Everyone said I acted like a “cool uncle.” So my name became Uncle Reece!

Awesome! How long have you been in the music industry?pic2

I started singing at the age of 17. God has really blessed; opened some doors, and given me some great opportunities! I wouldn’t even say I am in the music industry yet. I would say doing this professionally at a place and level where the industry could notice what I am doing and want me to be a part of what they are doing; it has been about a year and a half.

Your music is very powerful and packed with a lot of energy! How would you describe your sound?

I would say it is a worship sound that is very free flowing! At our performances with Worship Mode, my band or One Way, which is another band I work with, you never know what is going to happen. You never know if I am going to rap, sing, dance, or preach. It was birthed out of a passionate place of where we wanted to touch God. When we touch Him, supernatural things happen! A lot of the songs at performances are spontaneous; you just never know.

 In one of your newest songs, you say, “We go hard in the paint!” Share what that mean; for those who may not know.

It is a basketball term; the area below the basketball goal is the painted area. Most of the games are won, not just by great offense, but also by rebounds and getting the ball back up when someone misses. It is very important that you play hard in that painted area, which is where it counts. It is the roughest area where most fouls are given but you have to play the hardest in that area.


Share your wisdom you have obtained from your experience in the music industry.

pic1What I have learned about the industry and the business behind the music is to have integrity in it. To get ahead in this business, some say you have to do what you have to no matter it takes. But we can’t roll like that! There are a lot of opportunities and marketing strategies we cannot use because Jesus would not use them. If you are really trying to get into this, you better get into Jesus; know who He is and know what you stand for quickly and keep that at the forefront. I have seen miracle after miracle in this industry; giving up opportunities that people dream about and God bringing back better ones with no strings attached. In the industry you might get something, but you’ll find there are a lot of strings attached. But when it is God, He will connect you with the right things. So trust Him!

Where can we purchase your music and find out more about you?

You can purchase my music on ITunes and any other music downloading sites by typing in “Uncle Reece”. You can also find me at and feel free to email my manager, Antareo Johnson at

Thank you so much for agreeing to interview with us! You have a wonderful spirit!

You are welcome and I appreciate it!

Facebook: UncleReece

Twitter: Unclereece

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