Have you ever tried to pull or push something that was heavy? How did your body respond? Each motion is relatively hard on your body; however one of these motions brings MORE tension and harm to your body. Since God has been using me as a vehicle to help individuals to get from where they are to where God wants them to be, I realized that some individuals only need a “push” and some individuals want a “pull” from me.

The word “push” means to exert outward pressure or force against something (The American Heritage College Dictionary) and “pull” means to draw or haul toward oneself, in a particular direction or position (dictionary.com). As it relates to helping people, which motion do you think takes the most energy out of the person that is helping the other? If you said pull, you are absolutely correct.

A person on the road to vision manifestation will have one of two types of Vision Momentum Mindsets, Momentum of Push or Momentum of Pull. The Momentum of Push is when the person with the goals needs only a nudge (from someone like a HIScoach) to move them forward or closer to their goals. The people with the Momentum of Pull mindset counts on others to exert their energy, time, and money to get them to their desired destination or achieve their goals, but are not ready to do what it takes to achieve the goals.  The one who requires the Momentum of Pull is like a hitch hiker. They use others to get from one destination to the other, but only want to stick out their thumb to get there; only doing tasks that require very little effort. These same individuals do more “taking” than “giving” even in relationships.

When moving a physical object, the person with the Momentum of Pull mindset can physically, mentally and spiritually break down the person trying to help them. The person helping, whether it is a coach, friend, family member or church leader will more than likely feel exhausted, drained and frustrated by the time they finish dealing with the individual.

Yet the person with the Momentum of Push is easy and quite a delight to work with; they have yielded to the Vision Giver and is ready to MANIFEST! They are ready to MOVE FORWARD. They are ready to do what is absolutely, ethically necessary to achieve their goals. They don’t allow anyone or anything to slow them down.

Strive to become the person with the Momentum of Push and be one step closer to manifesting your vision!

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