Women of Standard: Hi Kierra! How are you?

Kierra Sheard: I am well! Thank you.

We met recently at the Kiss Me to My Destiny Conference in Raleigh, NC. Do you remember that?

Yes I do remember. It is good to be speaking with you.

Not long ago you were recognized as a Stellar Award winner for female vocalist of the year, how was that experience for you?

It was really great and so exciting! I am overwhelmed by what God is doing. It was definitely a blessing and it was fun. I had the chance to show people who I really am rather than them just hearing me and not really knowing more about me. By me being a fan and a consumer of music, I am always interested in wanting to know a little bit more about the person that I am buying into. So, I am glad to be able to be showing a little bit more of myself.

Tell us about your album, Free and the song itself. This was a live recording, correct?

Yes ma’am, it was a phenomenal experience! That was my first experience where I was able to do all of the writing with a couple of people who did some co-writing with me. It was a phenomenal experience to be able to see how people were responding to what my brother and I had done. Not just that but most of all seeing how God has blessed me and given me songs that I have prayed for and then for people to still be saying that this song ministered to me. It’s just an amazing thing to see how God can use you at such a young age and be able to minister and actually prosper in what God has given you. So, I’m just thankful. It was so much fun. I have always wanted to do a live recording. To see how it came about and the success that came along with it, it was really cool. It was so much fun. That is when I recorded with BRL (Bold Right Life) and the energy was on. It was beyond ten, beyond a million. When we played the record back, we were all like it was so much and we should do it all over again. It was a blessing and it was really good. If I could I would really try and do it again and try to do it better.

Speaking of BRL, some of the chapter came to Raleigh and you mentioned you don’t know how they find you. (shares laughs) Tell us about that and how do people get involved.

It is a nonprofit organization, speaking of that we do a conference every year. We are preparing for this year’s conference. One of your features, Sarah Jakes, will be hosting a seminar with GooGoo Atkins, celebrity stylist and sister to Mary Mary. We have chapters all over the world. We have chapters in Africa and in the Bahamas. It is very accessible.

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