“Before Sunday Best, I was extremely depressed. I had blown my scholarship in college because I dropped out after I found out I was pregnant. I moved back to my mothers house. I felt like a burden at home because she had already raised five kids and now I was bringing home a baby. My sons father had left me pregnant, so I felt ugly, insecure and not worthy of being loved. I had no money, no job, and no plans for the future so I went down to the welfare office at eighteen and signed up for welfare and WIC. I had a parent meet me outside because I used to be in a group called the NAACP Axle and she asked me, Jessica Reedy, is that you?and I said, Yes maam.Then she said, I cant believe youre pregnant. My daughter used to look up to you. I guess she needs to find a new role model.Im 18 years old and it broke my heart so bad that I vowed that I wasnt going to leave the house anymore. So I didnt leave the house unless I had to go to the doctor or if my mother was making me go to church. I was in a very, very dark place mentally. I was no longer myself. I wasnt the girl who could get a scholarship anymore, I wasnt the girl who could get favor with people, I wasnt a singer anymore to me I was a disappointment, I was a statistic, I was someone who had just disgraced her family. I had no hope. I didnt see a future for myself anymore because I didnt see where my start would be to even start looking at a future…”


Although Jessica found herself in an unfamiliar place with uncertainty surrounding all sides, she recants how that place led her back to the right place…back to God.


     “I had banked everything on singing. There was no plan B. There was no if this doesnt work Ill do this.I just wanted to sing. To be quite honest with you, while I was pregnant and going through that process, I dont remember praying intentionally to God. I dont remember saying God help me. I remember just saying, Oh my gosh, I cant believe this is happening to me.I remember being distraught and the reason I bring that up is because that situation led me back to rededicating my life to Christ. I was raised in the church where I knew about God and my entire family was involved heavily within the church but I still had issues I was left to deal with and honestly I never knew where I stand today would be a part of my story.


Like the rose that grew from the concrete, Jessica emerged from her bleak situation and found herself in line at the audition for season 2 of Sunday’s Best in Houston, Texas along with her friend. Little did she know that what started as a trip to support a friend would become the opportunity of a lifetime.


     “So, here’s what happened, the day I found out about Sunday Best was the day I was fired from my job, and a week before that, the police had taken my car because there was a lien on it I was pulled over and received a ticket with my son in the backseat and the police towed away my car and I had to find a ride back home and arrive to work. I was an AT&T technician at the time and my boss pulled me in the office and said, “Hey, Jessica. You’re doing good, but we don’t think this job is for you. You don’t look like you’re supposed to be here.”  I’m crying and thinking, “What are you saying to me?” I had just gotten off welfare and as soon as I received my first check I was off welfare. I said I’m not going to be in this system. I was proud of myself for that. That was an accomplishment for me. So for him to tell me that they were firing me took me back to the day when I brought Justin (my son) home. I walked outside because I called my friend, Demario Alexander. He said, “Jessica, Sunday Best is coming up. Are you going to audition?” I said, “Absolutely not. I don’t know how to sing anymore. No. I have to find another job.” He was like, “Yeah right. You’re Jessica Reedy and everybody know you sing.” I said, “Demario, I haven’t sung in over a year. I don’t know what my voice can do.” He said, “Look, you don’t have a job and I don’t have a license. Can you drive me down there because you know that’s been my dream 

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