Let your life and the work you do be centered on the vision that you see. A vision is the act or power of anticipating that will or may come to be: prophetic vision; the vision of an entrepreneur. While working, especially in the beginning process, it may not totally look or feel like what you see because a vision of where you see yourself usually shows you the finished state, not the process. This is why focus is so important. Regardless of how your NOW looks or feels, keep your focus on the Vision! Though it may take a while, if you focus, work at it and hang around the right people, your Vision Will come to pass! Tell yourself, “I have a Vision!”

Remember, your vision of whom you see yourself to be and where you see yourself in the future, is mainly driven by YOU! So, it’s up to YOU to protect what you see. This is done by staying positive at ALL times, having strong leaders to hold and keep you accountable for your actions, and keeping GOD first in it all things!

I realize that a lot of young people are hurting now because they are trying to deal with grown up issues too soon. I encourage the youth to stay young as long as you can. Enjoy being a youth or teenager and enjoy your family. You can be YOUNG, SAVED, and HAPPY, while pursuing your vision!

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