We’ve all been there!  Every year we make declarations regarding our New Year’s Resolutions.  We’re going back to school, spending more time with our kids, and the greatest resolution of all… getting back in shape.  Year after year… we come to the end of December determined to commit to our resolutions, yet unfortunately we repeatedly fall short.


Many people will argue that the problem lies in the perception of the New Year’s Resolution.  Meaning that we only wish to better ourselves because the time of year tells us it’s time to do it.  New Year’s Resolutions have become a holiday tradition in the same way that putting up a Christmas tree is requested for December 25th.  With that said, any decision we make merely because everyone else is making one is not a real decision… and this is why we fall short.

Personally, I believe that New Year’s Resolutions are good for us, because the hardest thing to do in life… is to try and change for the better!  So if a yearly reminder can at least shift our minds into improving ourselves, I see no wrong in that!  I’ve made some resolutions in my day, and I can admit to failing more than once.  However, as a man… I know it’s difficult to admit when we’ve failed, and we never want to accept that we’ve fallen short of the man we wish to become.

The most important choice a man can make… is the choice he’s made for himself! However, we must make sure that our resolutions are based from our goals, our needs, and our well-being… and not based off some annual tradition.  We all want to start the year off fresh; it’s human nature.  Nevertheless, becoming a new you must be more than a choice, it must become a lifestyle.

As men in today’s society, the concerns of leading the family, the stresses of maintaining career goals and the expectations of being a good husband are the greatest causes of failure.  These are fears that we as men all share, but at the same time we as men are not open to share.  Inside every man who wants to change, simply stating that he will change this year is not enough.  We must know how to change.

Here are three ways to assure your change remains permanent:

  1. SMALL CHANGES FIRST.  As men we all fall into the same trap, we try to conquer the world in a day.  Don’t burn yourself out, start with small victories.
  2. SCHEDULE YOUR CHANGE.  This is the foundation of change.  Change must be lived on purpose, structured, and must be scheduled daily.
  3. COMMIT TO YOUR CHANGE.  Don’t look at yourself as a person trying to change, envision yourself as a changed person.  Make a Total Commitment!


Start your change now.  Get ready to enjoy a Happy New Year… being a HAPPY NEW YOU!  Now, Welcome to MEN OF STANDARD!  CHANGE LOOKS GOOD ON YOU!


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