To Spiritual Heights, Not Spiritual Highs

You know that “umph” of momentum you get right after hearing an incredible Word? Or the flood of inspiration you have after attending an epic conference? Occurrences such as these are what I refer to as “spiritual highs.” Spiritual highs can be beneficial in a sense that they cause a boost of motivation, which is good. Many times, when we experience situations like that, we start making decisions based on our level of excitement. We think about how we’re going to be better, do better, and press harder. Then once the atmosphere changes and our excitement slowly decreases, so does our spiritual high. Soon, all of the things we told ourselves we were going to do lose their sense of urgency.

So many of us make decisions based off of our feelings and emotions, only to realize later that we have gone back on our primary decision. Our feelings and emotions are subject to change. So when life begins to push back, when excitement and enthusiasm has withered down, we no longer see relevancy to do better or be better, or to press harder, simply because our feelings have changed.

I often use the phrase, “Marry your decision;” however, in today’s society, the value and respect that goes along with understanding what marriage means has truly depleted. Wedding vows have maintained traditional value, but they lack moral value. They have become promises made based on the current state of the heart, rather than consecration taking place based on an unchanging decision.

Could you imagine dating someone your whole life, never committing to a higher level, not marrying them, and just having an entire life relationship as “boyfriend and girlfriend?” Most of us would agree that would sound crazy and would be a waste of our time. However, I believe that’s how many Christians go about their relationship with God, never committing to the next level. They never want to stretch beyond what may seem comfortable to them. Our devotion toward God simply floats idly at the surface of our hearts. Natural conditions and circumstances dictate our level of devotion. When things around us begin to get rocky, so does our commitment toward God.

As we enter into the New Year, perhaps we should do it a little differently than in times past. Do away with the unfinished New Year’s resolutions and the half- kept promises. Instead, let’s enter this year with a vow renewal to our King. Not merely committing ourselves based on our feelings and emotions, but marrying our decision, for better or for worse. Get rid of the spiritual highs and let’s make 2013 a year that we experience new levels of spiritual heights!


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