As we wake-up each morning, what are we lead to do?  When we lay down each night, where do our minds take us?  Each and every one of us, regardless of our background, education, or financial status has been bestowed the greatest gift from God.  God’s greatest gift is PASSION!

Whether we express it through joy, happiness, or love, we are all passionate about something.  So what are you passionate about?  What drives you?  What inspires you?  What gets you out of bed in the morning?

REMEMBER THIS:  Passion is the golden ticket to Success!  There are no exceptions to this rule.  Passion will guide you from Good to Great!  Passion will prepare your Failure for Success!  Passion will carry you from a Follower to a Leader!  Passion is not something you talk about, it’s not something you plan… it’s something you are!

Let’s face it; life is complicated enough.  Anyone can walk outside in this world and recognize the difference between those who love living, and those who are just living.  The slowest death is waking up morning after morning and driving to an occupation that doesn’t give you joy, happiness, or love.  Why am I not where I thought I would be in life?  Why am I not content?  How can I find fulfillment? If you have questions similar to these, please know this.  Whatever we choose to do in life:  Working hard will earn you a living. Passion will earn you Prosperity!

Men often make the mistake of confusing passion with gifts.  As a result, we are pushed and persuaded to pursue careers we’re naturally good at doing, but fails to bring us enjoyment.  How many times have we seen a professional athlete confess that the reason he had a bad season was because he didn’t enjoy the game anymore?  Can you imagine a world class athlete, gifted to be one of the best not love the game he has played for years?

I spent years in Corporate America, and I was great at crunching numbers, creating spreadsheets and so on.  I enjoyed a cushiony job, but at the end of the day, I couldn’t wait to go work on my writing.  Before I knew it, as I got out of bed each morning, I wasn’t looking forward to going into the office.  I became more stimulated by finishing my book.

How many men have been pushed into macho-career choices?  By the time most boys get to high-school, their aspirations are placed in a box of sports, military, or physical labor.  This leads to years of regret, and an unfulfilled life.

Our mission in life is to discover what we are passionate about.  What gets you excited?  What brings you enthusiasm?  What puts a smile on your face?  It’s not too late to find out!  You’re not done!  Go get it!

Now ask yourself:  If God gave you the gift of passion, and He intended for you to use it, would you throw God’s gift away?

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