Founder & Editor-in-Chief, Carla Cannon had the privilege of speaking exclusively with Dr. Traci Lynn, an in-demand motivational speaker, author (Wealth Without Sorrow & The Mind of a Millionaire) as well as the driving force behind the hugely successful direct sales company, Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry.

Dr. Lynn is nicknamed “The Millionaire Motivator” who continues to impact her consultants with her mission of “Passing the MIC” (MIC: Motivate. Inspire. Change). Passing the MIC fuels her desire to motivate others to step out of their comfort zones, inspires them to greatness as well as provide them with tools to literally transform their lives.

Dr. Lynn has grown her Fort Lauderdale based business into a multi-million dollar enterprise with over 15,000 independent sales consultants in 42 states. Her ultimate goal with her “partners” as she calls them is to provide them with an opportunity to create a legacy business.

Dr. Lynn: It is a pleasure! It’s great to speak with you!

Dr. Traci Lynn is not only a motivational speaker, author, and CEO of her own business, she is also an ordained Evangelist who appears on The WORD Network empowering others to gain a personal relationship with our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ all while providing her authentic self as the platform speaker.

Although Dr. Traci Lynn has experienced a great measure of success, her story did not start out that way. While growing up Dr. Lynn  received her nursing license in which during that time she thought she would carry on to become a nurse. “My grandmother programmed me to be a physician”, Dr. Lynn says. She went on to major at the University of Michigan but ultimately did not have the stomach for it. “I was fainting every day!”Dr. Lynn saying with a laugh.

Through her journey of finding herself  and identifying her true call and purpose in life Dr. Lynn recalls having several businesses along her journey. She was a hair stylist by the age of 15 and later after receiving a degree in finance, she went on to work as an investor information representative in which she was quickly promoted to supervisor and then manager. It was no doubt at this time of Dr. Lynn’s ability to lead and motivate others. Dr. Lynn also sold clothes out of her home, ran a nail technician agency and had a wedding planning company. “I had one client who ran me ragged” she says, “and I only made $2 an hour when all was said and done.”

After her various ups & downs with finding the right business she wanted to pursue and find fulfillment in doing so, Dr. Lynn decided to pursue selling jewelry. In 1989 in Philadelphia, Dr. Lynn launched Traci Lynn Fashion Jewelry. The company, and its founder, became an inspiring local success story. IN 1994 (exactly 5 years later), Essence magazine dubbed   Dr. Lynn as one of the most innovative entrepreneurs under the age of 30. She was also featured on Good Morning America for owning one of the top-grossing businesses among young entrepreneurs and received the Madam CJ Walker Award for entrepreneur excellence.

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