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LYNN JOHNSONHe Restores My Soul by Lynn JohnsonHe Restores My Soul is not only a mother’s story of grief and loss after the sudden and tragic death of her young daughter, but also a story of hope in an all-knowing, compassionate, redeeming God. You will be encouraged, challenged and provoked to seek God at a deeper level as well as learn how to Worship Him through the uncertain and even tragic times in your
Front Book CoverThe Power in Waiting by Carla CannonHave you ever found yourself in a place where you knew what God’s word declared but you tend to see the opposite being manifested in your life? No matter what you stand in need of before it can be fully manifested in your life there is one thing you can never escape and that is…THE PROCESS. Be assured that if God said it, He is going to fulfill it. However, you must learn that there is POWER IN WAITING!
Corbis-42-15495160 Baron Samuel front tgc copyThe Gentleman’s Club by Baron SamuelThe Gentleman’s Club is a sociological movement designed to improve the social competence of today’s young men by helping them understand who they are as men and who they really are as gentleman. Serving as a response to current and future socioeconomic challenges that men face everyday, the Gentleman’s Club promotes cultural change by empowering men to achieve their highest potential through the building of personal accountability to 
NANETTE F. PATTERSONcover-edited31 Road Tips for Vehicle & Vessels of God by Nanette Floyd PattersonThe goal for writing this book is to persuade followers of Christ to carry out their God-given assignment unapologetically. Now is the time to not only have a vision but to work hard to see the vision manifested! Learn why this author is also called the Vision Manifestation Queen!  
Tenita-Johnson100 Words of Encouragement by Tenita JohnsonHave you ever found yourself needing a boost of encouragement? Look no further! 100 Words of Encouragement: Tidbits of Inspiration is a collection of modern-day parables based on real-life circumstances. This must-have book serves as a complement to anyone’s day, inspiring them to live life to the fullest, overcome obstacles and break down walls of oppression and
It's-Time-to-Soar-TARINNA-TERRELLIt’s Time For You To Soar by Tarinna TerrellThis book is for anyone who has endured any type of hardships, obstacles, or hurdles as well as overcome them. It’s Time for You to Soar declares there is triumph after tragedy!
DEBBIE MELVINWho Are You? by Debbie MelvinWho Are You? Is about navigating through the depths of your own identity, the way God intended it to be. Revealing her own life experiences as well as that of the great men and women of God in the bible, Debbie challenges the reader to confront the simple, yet complex question: Who Are You?To request a copy of her book email:
KAREN MOOREEvent Planning for the Kingdom: The 10 Commandments of Event Planning BY: KAREN MOOREDesigned with you in mind and from years of knowledge, please use this as a pocket guide to map out your next exciting event. If you feel apprehensive or overwhelmed about event planning and not quite sure where to begin on your next event planning journey, you are not alone . . . this book is for
NBTB 3D FileNot Built to Break by Theresa RoyalIn the book Not Built To Break, Theresa takes you through her personal experience of losing basically everything.  She not only lost material  things, but also her self-esteem and her good name.  Although it seemed as if it were over for her at the time, Ms. Royal showed that you can remain strong and not break under the weight of severe financial