How many times have you been asked “Are you dating?” or “Are you married?” It is a question that probably surfaces when someone is interested in a relationship or just plan curious.  It dawned on me that on the road to vision manifestation, we can ask ourselves the same question? Are we dating the vision or are we married to the vision. What? Sounds weird I know. Let me say it like this…Are you courting (trying it out) the vision or are you committed to the vision.  I believe there are two stages of vision manifestation:

Courtship Stage

  1. Do not take the vision seriously
  2. Make excuses and procrastinate
  3. Unwillingness to foster (support or cherish) the vision
  4. Lack of  time working on the vision
  5. Lack of commitment to doing whatever is necessary
  6. Unwillingness to sacrifice time, money, self or other relationships
  7. Treat the vision like a hobby
  8. You are seeking the vision

Married Stage

  1. Submission (yielded) to the Vision Giver
  2. Willing to sacrifice time, money, and possibly relationships to manifest the vision
  3. Emotional challenges do not change your course and there is a commitment during the good times and the bad
  4. You work at it and you work out it
  5. You don’t allow anyone to get in the way of bringing the vision to fruition
  6. Vision is caught and embraced so tight that failure is not an option

You can tell which stage you are encountering by the fruit you bear. Now my role as “The Vision Manifestation Queen” is to help individuals manifest the vision that has been assigned by God and sometimes it takes a more direct and yes more confrontational responses or guidance (with love of course) for people to reach that AHA MOMENT.  To move into the Married Stage, you have to make up in your mind that you are READY. Then, take the first step and that is “Yield” to the Vision Giver. I promise you, once you yield, doors, windows, cracks, tunnels and any other opening to your destiny will happen. My question to you now is….are you ready?

–Nanette, “The Vision Manifestation  Queen”

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