cut out carla holding mag stormiWhile some know her as an empowering HIScoach (Christian Coach) who is committed to encouraging women worldwide to embrace their destiny and purpose others may recognize her as the CEO and Founder of Women of Standard Magazine, a Christian lifestyle, global publication that inspires subscribers across the nation. Whether you meet her while she is speaking at a conference or you bump into her at the local Starbucks, who she is speaks loud and clear: a woman of humility, purpose and of the people.

Her lively persona and determined charisma has catapulted her into a success in various areas of her life. In October of 2011, she formed Women of Standard magazine, pushing readers worldwide to set the standard of life higher, and not settle for any form of compromise. In March of 2013, she launched her debut book, The Power in Waiting, where she offers advice to readers on what to do during the process of waiting on what God said to manifest. Openly sharing her struggles with low self-esteem, homosexuality and rejection, The Power in Waiting has thus far touched the lives of thousands worldwide, becoming an Amazon Bestseller within 24 hours of its release as well as made the National Best Seller List for Black Christian Authors!

But it doesn’t stop there. She also serves as the CEO of Inspiring Hearts which is her coaching practice in which she has released: Defining the Pearl in You Coaching Program, in which she offers step-by-step practical life principles to help individuals get from where they are to where they desire to be. In this four-week program, she pushes her students to stop making excuses, adopt a renewed mindset and get out of the spiritual and natural ruts many so often find themselves in.

Seeking to dismantle the foundations of low self-worth, depression and oppression, she empowers men and women across the nation in search of their true identity and purpose. Whether she has an audience of 1,000 or 1, she selflessly pours out her wisdom and knowledge from personal life experiences into the hearts of the people, transforming lives one person, one group, one encounter at a time.



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