Women of Standard Magazine is a global, Christian publication which caters to empowering women to live victoriously in every area of their lives while equipping them with tools to help them transform their pain into POWER!

Our online publication is dedicated to empowering our readers in the areas of: -FINANCE -INSPIRATION -ENTREPRENEURSHIP -MINISTRY -BEAUTY & FASHION – LOVE & RELATIONSHIPS -PARENTING We also have a column entitled, Men of Standard which caters to empowering men to rise up and re-position themselves according to the principles shared in the Word of God, which we believe is our manual for life! It is our goal and hope to provide both spiritual &  practical information to our readers in an effort to further enhance their knowledge as it relates to dealing with REAL issues, maintaining healthy relationships, teaching them how to experience true, financial freedom and how to be victorious in their personal and professional life! Mission Statement: To educate, empower and motivate global women to walk confidently in their call & embrace their uniqueness by standing tall in their power un-apologetically! Purpose: To empower and equip women on how to transform their pain into POWER! What is a Woman of Standard? (A dedication to our WOS supporters) A Woman of Standard is a Kingdom Woman who understands her purpose, has not only identified her pain but has mastered how to transform it into POWER! A Woman of Standard is one who understands her worth, value and ability. She understands her purpose and positions herself to operate in it fully. She is a woman of love, faith, wisdom, maturity, character and yes indeed integrity. She is one that may not have the most perfect past however, she has overcame everything her adversary has thrown at her and with the lemons she was once covered with that made her life extremely sour, she is now relaxing in the sun enjoying a glass of sweet lemonade which were created from those very same lemons! A Woman of Standard is one that is not ashamed to share her story in order to encourage, motivate and empower others however, she does operate in wisdom and only shares as the Holy Spirit leads. She is a woman who is a prisoner of HOPE, a slave to the Holy Spirit and totally souled out and truly surrendered unto her Heavenly Father and Savior, Jesus Christ. A Woman of Standard is nothing you have to try to be but it is simply who you are and were created to be! So arise my sisters and know your worth, get up from your place called here (that low place) and know that you are worth more than precious gold. Whether you are a wife who caters to her husband and your only assignment is to cover him in prayer, a stay at home mom who is dedicated to loving and caring for your children, or a blazing entrepreneur who has been equipped to build an empire and conduct a movement across the nations know that you are valuable and a necessity to God’s Kingdom. So when you are asked, “What is a Woman of Standard?” Simply respond, “A Woman of Standard is…..ME!”

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What Sets WOS Apart:Women of Standard Magazine is interested in featuring anyone who has a story of redemption which will help others overcome in various areas whether it is dealing with generational curses which lie in our families, or overcoming obstacles that tend to arise in our businesses & more! Not only do we highlight the successes of others but it is important for us to share their process of HOW they reached their peak in their ministries, businesses and life as a whole. We believe it is the PROCESS which helps others overcome and obtain wisdom for the journey while on the way to their destiny! How to Join Our Movement: Being a part of the Women of Standard movement simply means you want to get involved in what we are doing from community events, to assisting in enlarging our online presence, to helping spread the word about Women of Standard Magazine to your network (or circle of influence) and much more! No matter your geographical location, WOS can serve any community & would love to have you join our movement!

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For additional questions please email us directly at info@womenofstandard.org!