It’s time for victory in your marriage… and God has a word for each and every one of us in this article!  This message is prophetic and if you are a believer and trust in God and His Word, then you shall be blessed, encouraged, uplifted and edified by its words.

We have entered into a new season where God is going to allow you to see the fruits of your labor.  This is a season that the righteous shall be blessed, but you MUST stay diligent, faithful, and obedient.

It’s time for the foolishness to stop!  It’s time for the arguing and confusion to stop!  It’s time for the lying to stop!  It’s time for that old way of thinking to stop!  All the things that hindered your marriage, ITS TIME for it TO STOP!!!!

Ecclesiastes 3 Verse 1: “To everything there is a season, and a time for every matter…”

God says, “I have allowed frustration, difficulties, challenges and disappointments in your marriage and that season is coming to a due end. Because of your righteousness and because you have not given up, I am going to start a new season and bring an end to the old one.  This NEW season is for all of you who have continued to believe, despite what has come your way.”

Verse 2:  “A time to plant & a time to pluck up what is planted…

God says, “In the new season I am going to allow you to harvest all the righteous desires in your marriage… I just need you to keep the faith and a plan of righteous actions.  Keep praying, keep fasting, and keep saying your confessions, as this is for PURPOSE… It’s time to pluck out the old and plant Newness.”

Verse 4: “A time to laugh…. A time to dance…”

God says, “This is the time to laugh in satan’s face and say, “God is the author and finisher of my marriage!  (Hebrew 12:2)   It’s time to dance before the Lord like David danced.” (2 Samuel 6:14)

This doesn’t mean for us to stop exercising our faith; it just means to exercise it more.

Verse 3:  ”A time to break down and a time to build up.”

God is going to break down walls and strong holds that are in your marriage.  He will build up righteousness in your marriage and it will be a continuous victory.  As the children of Israel walked into victory in the Promise land, (Book of Joshua) so will you and your spouse. Your marriage shall be blessed, but you must stay obedient to the Word of God. As you see victory after victory, stay humble because defeat is only one selfish, arrogant, and wrong decision away.  Keep the faith and allow the Spirit of the Lord to walk you into the “The Promised Marriage” in the Name of Jesus!!

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